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If you are indeed a Protected Person then it is our belief that you can stay in the house indefinitely and it will continue to be an exempt asset for the means tested care fee while you reside there and retain your Protected Person status. Adult Protection A term used in health and social care agencies in the UK for the safeguarding of vulnerable adults who may need protection from neglect, potential or actual harm or abuse. Segen's Medical Dictionary. © Farlex, Inc.

"Protected person" means a minor or any other person for whom a conservator has been appointed or any other protective order has been made. Adult Protective Services. Who are we? Adult Protective Services (APS) is responsible for investigating reports and arranging for services to protect vulnerable adults ages and emancipated minors who are at risk of abuse, neglect, exploitation or extortion. Call for help. Adult Protective Services is here to help. APS investigates to assess the adult's risk of harm.

Adults with disabilities may be vulnerable to abuse, neglect and exploitation. County departments of social services receive and evaluate reports to determine whether disabled adults are in need of protective services. County agencies protect adults by: Receiving reports and evaluating the need for protective servicesMissing: definition. Jun 02,  · Any person other than those specified in subsection A who suspects that an adult is an abused, neglected or exploited adult may report the matter to the local department of the county or city wherein the adult resides or wherein the abuse, neglect or exploitation is believed to have occurred or to the adult protective services hotline. E. Any person who makes a report or provides .