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Jun 23,  · What exactly is attachment theory? Originally developed by psychoanalyst John Bowlby and later expanded by developmental psychologist Mary Ainsworth, attachment theory says a . Attachment is a deep and enduring emotional connection that connects you with another person across time and space. What does The attachment theory say The attachment theory was developed by British psychoanalyst John Bowlby.

Jul 02,  · What are adult attachment styles and how do they affect intimate relationships? John Bowlby’s work on attachment theory dates back to the ’s. Based on his theory, four adult attachment styles were identified: anxious / preoccupied, dismissive / avoidant, disorganized / fearful-avoidant, and secure. Attachment theory and adult relationships The style of care we receive as infants and children sets up our attachment type for our adult relationships. Attachment theory looks at three types of attachment: anxious, ambivalent and secure. The way our primary care giver treated us teaches us about human interaction.

Jan 13,  · Adult Attachment Styles and Relationship Configurations Different attachment types tend to configure themselves into intimate relationships in predictable ways. Secure types are capable of dating (or handling, depending on your perspective) both anxious and avoidant types. Apr 27,  · However, attachment theory takes it one step further, applying what we know about attachment in children to relationships we engage in as adults.