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It can be helpful to have a guide when remembering what breastfeeding positions work best for you and your baby. In this video, lactation consultant Carrie P. Heighten arousal: Some women are sensitive to breast or nipple stimulation and may experience sexual feelings while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding your partner could bring about an unexpected and enjoyable aspect of your sexual relationship. Increase intimacy: Breastfeeding your husband or partner may bring you closer together on an intimate level. Sharing this part of your body and your life with your husband .

The first step is to look at the inducing lactation page and read on how to start lactating without a pregnancy. Take a look at our breast pump and TENS Unit pages for more valuable information. Some couples practice ABF in order to strengthen their relationship. Sometimes hearing a baby cry can cause let-down in breastfeeding women. It is not a crazy idea to watch videos of babies or listen to baby noises while pumping to induce lactation. This can often help stimulate the let-down reflex. Breast and nipple changes while breastfeeding.