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adult websites stats - Girl promotes website with mouth full of cum

According to this infographic by new porn website Paint Bottle, porn takes up a huge percentage of Internet bandwidth. In fact, 30 percent of all data transferred across the Internet is porn. YouPorn, one of the larger video porn sites, streams six times the bandwidth as Hulu. Ogas and Gaddam say that those figures come from the earliest years of the Internet (–) when the vast majority of web users were young adult men. In , 40 percent of web searchers.

According to PornHub (one of the Web’s largest porn sites), American’s porn-watching sessions are, on average, the longest in the world. Americans spend an average of 10 minutes and 39 seconds on the website every time they visited. The U.K was second, with Germany taking third. Pornographic websites are responsible for % of all desktop visits on the internet worldwide. To put that in perspective, ExtremeTech surveyed usage data pulled from Google’s DoubleClick Ad Planner and discovered that the most popular porn site on the web serves up billion page views per month.

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