Clean my hot sweaty arsehole. Have to warn you. I might fart - adult warning page


adult warning page - Clean my hot sweaty arsehole. Have to warn you. I might fart

Trigger warning / Content warning: What are they and how to use them? If you have ever been on the Internet, you might have seen those mentions in an article, blog posts, social media, or others. What are they? In wording, TW stands for Trigger Warning, CW stands for Content Warning. But words aren’t enough to understand those small but. 18+ Warning Adult Content This category is intended for persons 18 years of age and older. Please DO NOT ENTER if you are under the age of This category contains material with visual images, video, audio, text descriptions and consenting adults engaging in acts of a sexually-explicit nature.

Personal Website how to make adult warning page? I am making a personal webpage that I want to warn non-adults from entering my website. I won’t have nudity, but I may have mature jokes and I want to warn visitors before entering. I know I have to do something with the index file and have a script that I . Visit an unsafe page On your computer, open Chrome. On the page where you see a warning, click Details. Click Visit this unsafe site.

If you have pages with adult content, you must warn viewer about content that they’re about to view. I’m not going to talk about legal and social issues in this post. This code will also come handy if you’re using pop-under or pop-up advertisements on your site. Adult Content copies its file(s) to your hard disk. Its typical file name is Then it creates new startup key with name Adult Content and value You can also find it in your processes list with name or Adult Content. Also, it can create folder with name Adult Content under C:\Program Files\ or C:\ProgramData.