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One of the impressive features of snakeheads is their ability to survive at low oxygen content. It becomes possible due to the presence of paired suprabranchial chambers covered with respiratory epithelium (the skin which is capable of saturating oxygen). The adult fish and its juveniles can breathe with the atmospheric air. The northern snakehead (C. argus) is the species most likely to be found in Missouri. The markings may vary, but they are generally tan with dark brown mottling. The jaws contain many small teeth, similar to those of pike and pickerel. The .

Oct 15,  · Adult snakeheads require surface oxygen to meet total respiratory requirements (Ojha et al. ). Bullseye Snakehead are predatory, with fishes and crustaceans comprising the majority of its diet (summarized in Courtenay and Williams ). Jul 29,  · Although the exact colour may vary, the live adult common snakehead can be distinguished from most other adult snakeheads by its relatively plain colour pattern, lacking distinct spots or blotches 6 (Figure 4).

Jun 13,  · An extremely large tank is therefore necessary to house an adult giant snakehead. Reds are also among the most aggressive snakeheads and will attack many tank mates, including conspecifics, even if they are larger or if the snakehead is not hungry. They also have the largest teeth of all snakeheads and will use them on humans. Dec 31,  · Adult snakeheads show significant diet overlap with largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides), with both consuming a large proportion of fundulids and other centrarchids in the lower Potomac River (Saylor et al. ). Remarks: There is no evidence that juveniles or adult snakeheads escaped from the Crofton ponds. The northern snakehead .