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Aug 24,  · The prepatent period can vary depending on the species of the roundworm. 1 Toxocara canis, commonly found in both dogs and cats, have a prepatent period of 14 to 28 days. The prepatent period of Toxocara cati is typically around 56 days and Toxocara leonina ranges from 56 to 80 days. Nov 26,  · These encysted roundworm larvae can remain dormant for the rest of the dog’s life—unless the dog is a female and becomes pregnant, at which time the larvae reactivate and are then passed to her.

Mar 28,  · Adult dogs can be infected through ingestion of the roundworm eggs, which can be found in infected food, vomit, or feces. Puppies can contract the parasite by drinking the milk from an infected pregnant animal. And if one of the newborns is exposed to roundworms, then the entire litter may contract the parasite. Roundworms in dogs Poop (Feces). Jun 18,  · While in the intestine, adult roundworms shed eggs that then get passed into the environment through an infected dog’s feces. Other dogs can become infected by sniffing or licking infected feces or soil, plants or other objects that have been contaminated by infected feces. From Eating Contaminated Animals.