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Dec 17,  · Hat Size Charts. by Knit Picks Tutorials on December 17, | 1 comment. Head Circumference: Hat Height: Yardage: Preemie ( lbs) 9″ Adult Woman: ″. Usually, these charts will list the measurements in centimeters and inches. The average adult hat size is between 53 and 58 centimeters. If your measurement falls between two different sizes, we recommend sizing up to the nearest 1/8-inch. You can then use the hat's .

For those wanting a ‘hard hat’ (Cokes, Bowlers, and Top Hats), we advise you to visit Lock & Co. for a complimentary personal appointment to professionally measure your head. Using a conformateur, a precise tool from the s, our Master Hatter will take the shape of your head and then use a series of centuries-old hatting techniques to. Once you’ve determined the circumference of your head, use our hat size chart to determine which size to order. You can always give us a call at HATS or e-mail us if you have men’s hat sizing questions. Measuring Your Head. Determine hat size by using a flexible tape measure, a string and ruler.

Sep 14,  · The 4-page printable includes a crochet hat size chart that provides average measurements for hats ranging in size from preemie to adult. But the best part is that it also includes hat size templates for working the crown and height of every size. That way you can just compare your piece to the templates for the correct size no need to measure! Hat Sizing Chart for Adults. Head Circumference Adult Hat Size; Inches: Centimeters: Fitted: Easy Fit: Sized Stretch Fit: Stretch Fit / Adjustable: 21 1/4: 6 3/4: Small (s) Small / Medium (S/M) 21 5/8: This means that the style is made in a standard size with the ability to suit head sizes ranging from 21 1/2 inches to 22 1/4 inches.