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About Baby Dolls Gentlemen's Club At Baby Dolls Gentleman's Club in Dallas, there are 2 convenient locations to suit your needs. The girls are gorgeous, the staff is friendly, the food and drinks are excellent, and the atmosphere is fun. There is . At Baby Dolls, we have built a reputation as the premier gentlemen’s clubs in Dallas and Fort Worth because we only hire top talent to cater to our guests. While some clubs seek little more than warm bodies, we want a team of professionals who love to entertain and to serve with outstanding hospitality.

At Baby Dolls Adult Club, located at Lower Valley Pike, the party marches into the late, late hours, as they have one of the best all-night parties. Of course, this could mean some serious pain the next morning (or, more likely, the next afternoon.) Don’t say we didn’t warn you. New Events at Baby Dolls Adult Club Medway. Baby Dolls is much more than just beautiful women. We are a place where you can come to enjoy fabulous drink specials and food specials while you build fantastic friendships and enjoy everything we have to offer. That makes us the best gentlemen’s clubs in Texas, and we invite you to stop by to discover just how special we are.