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adult addiction to computers - What would you prefer - computer or your girlfriend?

Apr 03,  · Despite some of these unique challenges facing the older adult population when it comes to technology, most seniors who become internet users make visiting the digital world a regular occurrence. Among older adults who use the internet, 71% go online every day or almost every day, and an additional 11% go online three to five times per week. (So far, gambling is the only “activity” listed as a possible addiction.) Signs to Watch For The DSM-5 does include a section to help people and doctors know .

Studies from the University of Iowa show that Internet addiction is quite common among males ages 20 to 30 years old who are suffering from depression. Certain people are predisposed to having a computer or Internet addiction, such as those who suffer from anxiety and depression. People with ADHD are more prone to addiction of all types, so they are particularly susceptible to cyber addictions that involve computers, video games, and the Internet. 1  Offerings of the cyber world provide engaging stimuli that change consistently, giving ADHDers a medium that seems attuned to their cerebral hard wiring.

Sep 17,  · Internet addiction disorder goes by many names (i.e. computer addiction, Internet addiction, or online addiction) but its meaning is relatively straightforward: an impulse control-disorder marked by an unhealthy obsession with texting, playing games, surfing the web, chat rooms, social networking, or any other web-based activity.